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Bolyx - A remake of Zolyx! 


Bolyx is a remake of Firebird's 1987 C64 Qix clone Zolyx! Bolyx attempts to recreate the addictive feel of the game whilst adding a high-score-saver and plot.

The evil Bols have stolen all the colour from the land of Bolski! It's your job, as the brave hero Bolyx, to infiltrate the evil Bol stronghold and restore all the colour to your world. There are three colours to restore... blue, green and red. Once you have safely restored the first colour, you can move onto the next.

You must fill in each lair in the required colour by creating sections of blocks whilst avoiding the nasty Bols. Try to fill in as much as possible of each lair for the best scores. Bonus points are awarded for every one percent over seventy five percent that you manage to fill in.

Arrow Keys: Move Bolyx around.
Space Bar: Start Game / Reverse direction of balls.
P: Pause Game
Esc: Abort Game

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