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Dragon32 Gamebase Beta1 Here

Posted: Mon May 05, 2008 1:52 pm
by stanstimer
I have released a beta version of dragon32 gamebase that I am making, it has 5 games in it at the moment I and wonder if there is a few people here that would be kind enough to download it and test it for me to see if the games launch and start properly for them.

If everything works ok, I will then add the rest of the games and screenshots, there is around 700+ in total. The games that are in there may take up to 2mins to run when launched as they are tape games which xroar runs as if they are real dragon32 cassettes, remember the days on 8bits when games used to take mins to load. The disk games will load straight away. When you click on a game in the dragon32 gamebase please wait until xroar launches and starts the game automatically, what should happen is that xroar should launch and then when you get the familiar dragon data 1982 etc screen the game browser should launch a few secs after that and the game should automatically be selected and cloadm'ed after that. It works perfect here so I just want to see if it works for everybody else. Thanks for your time.


Posted: Mon May 05, 2008 1:56 pm
by stanstimer
Dont forget when you unzip the dragon32 zip file in your gamebase directory you might have to point the gamebase to the correct paths to work and the same for the emulator paths but please dont run the emulator outside the gamebase or it might not work properly.

P.S. A huge thanks to AAG for the stub for running the emulator.

Posted: Mon May 05, 2008 7:28 pm
by AAG

(I've sent you a pm but) the relative paths seem to be "out of sync" from your zip package.

On my setup I have

Code: Select all


The gemus keypair has :-


So from




Not the ROMS dir. (Copy the contents of roms into emulators does work for me though, ie


Once that was sorted the keys worked ok for me - but then it should do since I wrote it!

If anyone else can test this - I'd be interested to see if the "key forwarder" (AAGKeys) works with Vista. (It's been tested on a variety of XP machines).


Posted: Mon May 05, 2008 8:39 pm
by K.C.
I don't have any experience with this system, but it is always good to see new gamebases collections! 8)

I gave it a quick test and found a few problems:

1. Invalid relative path
The emulator remembers the path of the last used game image.
The first time a game is started, this path is set to the Xroar program folder. The relative path set in the key=value pairs don't match.
A workaround is launching XRoar manually, press Ctrl+L and browse to a random image file. But I think it is better to use GEMUS to select the right folder.
I have changed the GEMUS script as follows:

Code: Select all

;* Dragon32 GEMUS Script *
;*      (c) 2008         *
; Emulator File: Aagkeys.EXE
; Associated File (1): none
; Use Short Filenames: YES (It wont work without this set to on)
; File Types:  cas;pak;dtx;dgn;s19;vdk
; This script was written for xroar and
; will not work with any other emulator.

;Start emulator and send initial keystrokes for launching file-open dialog
Add_CLP( roar.ini "[W:1500][CONTROL -J][CONTROL -J][CONTROL F- L][W:1500][clpbrd:)

;Fill in game path, wait, press Enter, wait, open game file and press Enter
;Then reset the focus to the original (emulator) window.
Add_CLP("][W:1500][enter][W:1500][clpbrd: )

;If it is a disk, type RUN "Gamename", else, type CLOADM
If GameType CONTAINS(vdk)
	Add_CLP(%prgname_value% )
End If

;Edit_CLP(command line options)

With this script you are saving a lot of typing also, because you can reduce the key=value pairs to:

Code: Select all

This pair is only needed for vdk files, cas files don't need any key=value pairs!

The script launches AAGKEYS.EXE.
AAGKEYS will Launch XRoar and GEMUS will send the needed keystrokes to launch the file-open dialog.
At this moment GEMUS tells AAGKEYS to fill the clipboard with the path to the game file, press Enter and fill in the game name. You don't need a key=value pair for most of this, GEMUS knows it all!
If it is a vdk file, GEMUS needs to know the name of the game to be launched. This is specified in the key=value pair.
If it is a vdk file, GEMUS sends adds RUN "GAMENAME.BAS" to the command line parameters, for other filetypes (cas), it types just CLOADM.
This should be enough to launch all cas and vdk files.
It also solves the problem of the incorrect relative path.

2. Double quote problem
I am using a US international keyboard. Without doubt most people are using this type of keyboard.
Problem is that the double quote (") symbol is not located above the 2, but on a different place on the keyboard.
In the emulator, a double quote has to be typed as a 'shift-2'. This keystroke gives a >@< symbol in Windows, but a >"< symbol in the emulator.
In the GEMUS script you can see that I typed a @ symbol instead of the
command that you used ( Add_CLP(run@) ).
I can't figure out a solution to make this script working on all localized types of keyboards. But I think it is the best option to make it work on US international keyboards, because most people work with it.


Posted: Mon May 05, 2008 9:27 pm
by stanstimer

I am now using the script submitted by K.C. above (thanks K.C.) to solve the relative paths issue so dragon gamebase beta2 should be better.

I am using vista on my laptop and aagkeys works fine on it

Many Thanks



Posted: Mon May 05, 2008 9:31 pm
by stanstimer
Hi K.C.

Thanks for the updated script, I am using that now with a slight modification. The [CONTROL -J] command tells xroar which joystick port to emulate, so some games need two [Control -J] commands for joystick port 1 and some games need 3 commands for joystick port 2 so I have updated the script to accomodate this.

As for the "@ issue that is easy to solve xroar has an inbuild kepmap facility so you start the emulator with xroar -keymap uk for uk and xroar -keymap us for us keyboards. The dragon32 was know in the US as the coco or also known as the tandy color computer.

Many Thanks


dragon 32

Posted: Sun Aug 09, 2009 4:01 pm
by .mad.


Still lots more to add, But i need a break from this one.

Some games are either corrupt or just fail to run in emulators.
and i am not sure which it is. :P
but there are several versions available here to try.

download and try MESS for some better tape loader emulation.

If anyone has a good VDK Disk Explorer Util,
please let me have it.

Read the XRoar docs for the special key commands.

Posted: Mon Aug 10, 2009 11:17 am
by hardmanm
Thanks MAD for bringing a promising Dragon gamebase to the public.

Posted: Mon Aug 10, 2009 1:07 pm
by gunness
Yes, this is a really nice addition to the GB scene!

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 7:41 pm
by sut
Just updating and tidying my Gamebases. Presume the Gamebase Dragon by Mad & Kevlar supercedes this one:

Ideally I do not want 2 Gamebases for the same system I've checked the games and all are in Mad & Kevlar's Gamebase (except Deadwood ?) Also I seem to have 60 screenshots missing ? Do i just need to download again or is everyones version the same ?

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2009 12:28 pm
by .mad.
yes 60 screenshots missing is correct version. :P

these are for games /tools i couldn't get to load in xroar.
these could be bugged files or not yet EMU compatible.

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2009 5:33 pm
by hardmanm
Any chance of an update, i really think it deserves to be finished? A very impressive gamebase.


Posted: Wed May 19, 2010 10:29 am
by JonathonSaunders
; _____ _____ __ __ __ __ _____ _____ _____ _____ ___ _____ ____
; / __\/ __\/ \/ \/ | \/ ___> / ___>/ \/ _ \/___\/ _ \/ \
; | |_ || __|| \/ || | ||___ | |___ || |--|| _ <| || __/\- -/
; \_____/\_____/\__ \__/\_____/<_____/ <_____/\_____/\__|\_/\___/\__/ |__|
; by
; _ _ _ __ _
; | | ___ _ _ __| | |/ /___| |_____ ____ _ _ _
; | |__/ _ \ '_/ _` | ' </ -_) / -_) V / _` | '_|
; |____\___/_| \__,_|_|\_\___|_\___|\_/\__,_|_|
; and _
; _ __ __ _ __| |
; _| ' \/ _` / _` |_
; (_)_|_|_\__,_\__,_(_)
; Emulator File: XRoar.exe
; Associated Script File (1): See Below
; Use Short Filenames: no
; File Types: cas;pak;dtx;dgn;s19;vdk;wav
; (Compressed File Types: ZIP)
; This script was written for Xroar 0.2.2
; It may work with other versions too......
; If a Game needs a specific machine use the following keytypes:
; machine=dragon32 - Dragon 32 (PAL) (Default)
; machine=dragon64 - Dragon 64 (PAL)
; machine=tano - Tano Dragon (NTSC)
; machine=coco - Tandy Colour Computer (PAL
; machine=cocous - Tandy Color Computer (NTSC)

;Set keymap for your country
Add_CLP( -keymap uk)

If Key_machine CONTAINS(DRAGON64)
Add_CLP( -machine dragon64)
ElseIf Key_machine CONTAINS(Tano)
Add_CLP( -machine tano)
ElseIf Key_machine CONTAINS(coco)
Add_CLP( -machine coco)
ElseIf Key_machine CONTAINS(cocous)
Add_CLP( -machine cocous)
Add_CLP( -machine dragon32)
End If

Add_CLP( -load "%gamepathfile%")

If Key_startup CONTAINS(CLOAD)
If Control = JoyPort1
Run_Emulator_Send_Keys([2]^j^j^j[2]REM When Game Has Finished Loading Type "Run" and Press Enter {Enter}[2]cload-run{enter}{F12 32}||50)
ElseIf Control = JoyPort2
Run_Emulator_Send_Keys([2]^j^j[2]REM When Game Has Finished Loading Type "Run" and Press Enter {Enter}[2]cload-run{enter}{F12 32}||50)
Run_Emulator_Send_Keys([2]^j[2]REM When Game Has Finished Loading Type "Run" and Press Enter {Enter}[2]cload-run{enter}{F12 32}||50)
End If
If Control = JoyPort1
Run_Emulator_Send_Keys([2]^j^j^j[2]cloadm-exec{enter}{F12 32}||50)
ElseIf Control = JoyPort2
Run_Emulator_Send_Keys([2]^j^j[2]cloadm-exec{enter}{F12 32}||50)
Run_Emulator_Send_Keys([2]^j[2]cloadm-exec{enter}{F12 32}||50)
End If
End If


Posted: Wed May 19, 2010 10:31 am
by JonathonSaunders
This is an updated Dragon Gamebase script for XROAR which uses the new sendkeys command and thus incorporates joystick emulation properly as the previous script had no working joysticks commands.

Enjoy :)

Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 8:23 am
by dax
can anyone upload it ?