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How to - Mutiple Winamp Skins

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How to - Mutiple Winamp Skins

Sun Nov 23, 2008 11:48 pm

Although this may be obvious to some, this problem bugged me for quite a while. Well, after finaly figuring it out, I thought I would share the answer here. Hopefully this helps someone else.

I wanted to have mutiple Gamebases each open a Winamp that is skinned appropriately (NES GB has a NES skin Winamp, Genesis GB has a Genesis skin, ect...)

The answer is to have mutiple installs of Winamp (in each GB "emulators" folder) each with its own skin, (here's the tricky part), with all the skins named the same.
You see winamp keeps track of what skin it is using some where in the registry. So, if you have mutiple installs with skins named differently, every time you open a different install it will look for the previous skin (that isn't there). What I did is to name all the different skins "skin.wsz" and put each one into it's own install dir.

The final result..




I hope this helps someone else. 8)

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