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Arguably my single favorite feature of all GameBase v5

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Arguably my single favorite feature of all GameBase v5

Sat Jun 13, 2009 3:05 pm

The unzipping and rezipping feature.

When I downloaded the games collection and saw everything in ZIP files I was dismayed, thinking I was going to have to go in and manually unzip everything I wanted to play. I quickly noticed that to NOT be the case.

This is an incredibly clever feature, not just because of the enormous diskspace savings (if it's 4.2Gigs as it is imagine it with all of them unzipped!).

Now my favorite FAVORITE part is how with multi-side games it unzips all of the disk sides you need BY THEMSELVES into a temporary directory. I used to have over 1000 D64s on my harddrive and occassionally hunting through all of them for Phantasie side 2 or Defender of the Crown side 2 was a pain. Not only does this feature solve that problem, but for games like Adventure Construction Set where the number of disks you involve can actually GROW, it keeps all of them together for you automatically and logically.

Overall great job - love it.

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