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Tue Oct 28, 2008 10:33 am

I'm pretty sure about this: the server that hosts the GameBase website (http://www.gb64.com/forum) is infected with Antivirus 2009 malware.
When I browsed to http://www.gb64.com/forum I dit get a popup with the following text:

ATTENTION! If your computer is struck by the spyware, you could suffer data loss, erratic PC behaviour, PC freezes and creahes.

Detect and remove viruses before they damage your computer!
Antivirus 2009 will perform a 100% FREE and quick scan of your computer for Viruses, Spyware and Adware.

Do you want to install Antivirus 2009 to scan your computer for malware now? (Recommended)
I clicked on the red cross button to close this window. The I was redirected to this site:

After closing this site, I did get another popup with this test in it:
Harmful and malicious software detected. These programs may damage your computer and steal your private information. Online Security Scanner requires Antivirus 2009 components to repair your computer. Please click OK to download and install Antivirus 2009 components.
Clicking the red cross again opens a new windows that tries to download a file named A9installer_77014208.exe, located at scan-my-pc.com
Of course I did not download this file.

I first thought that my PC was infected with some malware, but now I'm absolutely sure that my PC is clean.

Tried to open the site on a PC in a totally different location/network. You guess it, with the same results.

You can find screenshots in this zipped Word document.

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