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Considering an OS X port but have some preliminary questions

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Considering an OS X port but have some preliminary questions

Sat Nov 22, 2008 4:04 pm

Edit: Oops, wrong forum. Not a good start. :) Can a mod move this to the right place? Ta.

Edit 2: Rats; the database is an Access MDB, which is a pretty horrific stumbling block as there's no OS X Jet engine available (short of a commercial ODBC driver). I may have to give up before I start!

First off, hello! I'm not by nature a C64 person (I owned a variety of 8-bit Ataris, but the less said about that the better as I don't want to start a fight with my first post), but here goes:

I'm thinking about considering maybe planning to potentially wonder if perhaps I'd have a stab at porting Gamebase to OS X (apparently there was a port that's now defunct, and as you can tell I'm really not prepared to commit myself to anything at this stage), so I have a couple of basic but rambling questions before I delve further -- apologies if they're answered somewhere, but a cursory look hasn't turned up anything.

Firstly, the database(s) -- is documentation available (ERDs, that sort of thing) and is it in a friendly format (i.e. no Windows-specific APIs involved)?

Secondly, how many people would be interested, and would any of you be willing to offer help? I'm easily distracted and have a number of personal projects on the go, so if I have people breathing down my neck in anticipation or if I can offload some of it to someone else then I'm more likely to make some progress (if indeed I decide to take it on).

Finally, it appears that the source to the vanished OS X version is missing in action, but if anyone here happens to have it squirreled away it'll give me something to start from, even if I end up throwing most of it away.

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