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Question about compatibility

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Question about compatibility

Wed Sep 10, 2003 3:55 pm

First & foremost, congratulations for this amazing release. I have not wasted so much time in a while :) I could spend days browsing the database.
Now, for a more serious matter (to me, at least). I have tried a few games, but some of them do not work at all. I tried to fiddle around with settings & read the doc for the emu, but nothing seems to work.
So my questions are the following:
- are all the games in the database working under CCS64 2.0 (I also tried Winvice when it didn't work with CCS64 - to no avail) ? Since they all have screenshots, I assume they have all been tested with the emu (am I right ?).
- Anything I should know about C64 emulation (I read something about TDE) ? any trick to get some games working ? I have tried to find answers to my questions reading the docs, but I cannot seem to find anything.

Forgive me if some of my questions sound dumb, but I am not too familiar with C64 emulation.
Thanks for any help,

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Wed Sep 10, 2003 4:14 pm

All games were "tested" with CCS64 v2.0 and all setting in the database (like True Drive Emulation) are set for the use of this emulator.

Make sure to use the latest version of CCS64.

Wed Sep 10, 2003 4:21 pm

ok, I will check my emu & see if I use the latest version.
On a side note, I finally got a hold of a C64 system (still waiting to receive it, though), so I will soon be able to copy The Prisoner. I had forgotten one VERY important point, though: which copier should I use & where can I find it ?
Thanks again,


Tue Oct 14, 2003 8:12 pm

I just finished copying several games from my C64 floppy collection to my PC. Including some which I haven't found (intensive searching) on Gamebase and I will hang on to till they start receiving again.

This website will answer all your questions regarding copying games to and from a C64/PC.


If you are running a newer PC and have Windows XP you will need the XE1541 cable and the Starcommander Tweek update to run under this OS (although some get it running without it...I didn't and needed the tweek).

Speed is actually pretty fast...disks took me about 30-60 seconds to copy (per side) which isn't too bad as you generally only have a few rare or unlisted games to copy over.

There are other options available that let you use 1541 emulators etc to play games directly from your PC but I haven't played with these yet.

Hope that helps.

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