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Trolls and Tribulations
Matt Larsen says: Not many people ever talk about this gem. Fantastic music ballads. It had me hooked as a kid. To this day I don't think I have ever found a trained version.

Steve says: Alright, i know... how can you ....? But i love that game and I guess it's one of the first games i've ever seen on the C64. Coded in Basic and still enjoyable.

Speed King
Neo-Rio says: Classic rear-view cycling game. Going too fast and smashing the bike looked really funny from memory. Getting to the head of the pack of racers takes a lot of skill.

Great Giana Sisters , The
Pugsy says: A blatant rip off, but a fun game...and I've got one of the few original tapes that shipped before the game got pulled before it reached the shelves due to a legal action from the big N.

Newzealand Story, The
Neo-Rio says: Beautiful conversion of the arcade game. I didn't know there were so many weird creatures in New Zealand other than sheep and rugby players!

Enforcer - Fullmetal Megablaster
Neo-Rio says: Next to Armalyte, this has got to be one of the best blasters on the 64. Made by the people who did Turrican, no less.

Neo-Rio says: I think the game designers ripped the game concept for this game off an obscure arcade game... but that doesn't stop it being addictive and difficult. It's half puzzler, half action, all frustrating! But I like it!

Demon Stalkers - The Raid on Doomfane
J2003C says: If you liked Gauntlet in the arcade and were disappointed with the C64 conversion, then try this one. Everything here seems better, there are lots of extras, and it is actually possible to finish the game (at least get to the end) without cheating!

Impossible Mission
Mayhem says: The best thing Epyx did, and one of the best bits of software to ever come out of America. Compulsive, challenging (though not impossible) and filled to the gills with ingenuity and attention to detail. You'll want to stay a while... and possibly stay forever.

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