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Mercenary - Escape from Targ
Pugsy says: Paul Woakes was a genius, depth, playability and fast wireframe graphics. The gameplay was ahead of it's time.

Steve says: So much has been said about this classic game. And yes, it's all true, the game is even better! There is no better pirate game out there even nowadays.

Pugsy says: This game is most people's top ten, a classic and definitely Andrew Braybrook's finest hour (which is saying a lot in itself!)

Neo-Rio says: A platforming puzzle game. As a trusty hound, you must ensure that your sleepwalking master doesn't do himself in as he makes his nightly rounds. Should be a tough challenge!

Bard's Tale , The - Tales of the Unknown
Steve says: Oh yeah, The Bard's Tale. Sleepless nights in Skara Brae. The good old times when a role paying game really was fun. The Bard's Tale definitely is one of the best classic, oldschool RPGs.

Pugsy says: The ultimate c64 fighting game, simply a masterpiece!

One on One
Matt Larsen says: Boy this is an oldie... There is nothing better than doing a reverse slam dunk while breaking the backboard glass, all over your friends head. And then you could watch it all again on instant replay!

Skate or Die!
graveyardjohn says: Tony Hawks Pro Skater, but 10 years earlier! Get with 'the kids' and take on your mates (or the computer) on a variety of different activities, including half-pipe, downhill jam, and a battle in an empty swimming pool.

Neo-Rio says: Don't ask me why, but I found this Bubble Bus game addictive. I still can't get over how stupid the music is though.

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