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Help Us! 


There are many ways you can help us with our project. Some of which are described below...

Hanging out in the Forums
One way to help us is to visit the GB64 forums now and then. It's possible there will be some questions posted by the GB64 Team and/or other forum members that you may be able to answer (for example maybe it's some info about a game you once had).

Helping us with the Database
By registering in our GB64 forums, you are automatically eligible for our GB64-Points and Awards system. This system is explained in detail here. If you have any info or games to send, please send them to help* (replace * with @). If you are emailing game information or game bug reports, please be as specific and as thorough as you can, and if it's possible to include some sort of "proof" so that we can validate your submission, then please do so! Please ONLY send us game files that are in our missing or bugged lists, as we still have a few hundred games to sort through already. Please do NOT send us any game files that are NOT in these lists. Last but not least... don't forget to include your forum username in the email so that we may assign any GB64-Points and Awards gained by your submission!

Spread the word!
Lastly, you can help the GB64 project by spreading the word about us! The more people that know about our project, the more chance there is of finding rare and missing gameware. Also, please feel free to add a link to our website on your own website (if you have one). ©1997-2022 The GB64 Team