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Alessio Viti (a.k.a. Aletsg)
Game/Info Collector

Born in the centre of wonderful Italy, I put my hands on a C64 at the age of 10. After some weeks of being bored by typing the software examples inside the manual (who remembers the Balloon?) one day my cousin came with a gift : my first game-compilation! I can remember even now (after 20 years) all the games inside, in particular 'Rambo - First blood part II' , 'Spy VS Spy - Arctic Antics' and the great 'Castles of Doctor Creep'. From this day my life changed, mutating me from a 'normal' guy to a 'C64 Junkie'. Of course, I have a girlfriend that hates all time I spend watching and playing old C64 games, but I think it's the same thing all over the world ;)

Damian Puppetti (a.k.a. Sabbi)

Born right in the middle of Switzerland, I was extremely lucky to receive a C64 in 1986 just by wishing for ANY computer. Spent countless hours of typing in type-in games and experimenting around. During an excursion to the Amiga, where I worked in an Amiga store for several years, I had to witness the fall of Commodore firsthand. Since I always regretted giving away my C64, I got one again in 1998 and also started collecting demos and intros for

Dimitris Kiminas
Game/Info Collector and Webmaster

Born in Piraeus, Greece. Scholar of Byzantine history specializing in the Orthodox Patriarchates, feels a strange attraction to C64 computers software and hardware -- could it be love? :) I got my first computer back in 1984, it was a used C64 whose memory I burned some years later after removing a Final Cartridge III without turning off the computer. I never bought an Amiga, just kept buying used C64/C128 1541/71/81 hardware until my basement was full. I also possess all ZZAP!64 magazines and find a sick form of pleasure in htmlizing ancient reviews of ancient games, as can be observed in the relevant section of this site.

James Burrows (a.k.a. Bu22)
GameBase Author

"Maybe in the future, someone else might take this database and create a more complete and accurate one"... This text, written in the help file of the first version of my C64 frontend, certainly came true when I received contact from Michael Plate, informing me that he was infact doing this very thing! Five years later, after a LOT of hard work and dedication by all those involved (and after a LOT of hassle from Michael to improve my Frontend) we finally managed to release the resulting collection to the public! I'd personally like to thank everyone who helped, supported, and believed in us over the years. Now that it's released, I'm looking forward to actually PLAYING some C64 games instead of writing the tools to help catalog them! :)

John M Charroux (a.k.a J2003C)
Obsessive Game/Info Collector ;-)

Like most kids of the early 80's, I got my first C64 after convincing my parents that it was an "educational tool." It was, of course, the best game machine ever made! I probably spent as much time collecting and cataloging games as I did actually playing them. I'm the most obsessed C64 (emulator) game collector around, and GameBase is the best tool/database for any self-respecting C64 game geek.

John Vallender (a.k.a. Graveyard John)
Game/Info Collector and GB64 Web Designer

John got his C64 in 1986 after asking his father, 'what computer did you have when you were young?'. His interest spread through an Amiga, Game Gear, PC and Dreamcast to building a MAME cabinet. He is crap at Flying Shark, likes the white inside bit of Kinder Eggs, and helps old ladies across the road, (whether they want to cross or not).

Martin Pugh (a.k.a. Pugsy)
Game/Info Collector

Most of the other GB Team members have worked a lot harder than me and so I must thank them for carrying me for so long ;-) Anyway a bit about my C64 history, I got my best xmas pressie ever in 1984. I played a lot of games, and increasingly became annoyed that I couldn't finish certain games. Determined not to be beaten I learnt assembly language and started to make cheat pokes. There then followed a period of fame/infamy (and free games if not fortune) getting pokes & cheat listings printed in the C64 magazines of the day (Zzap 64, Commodore Format, Commodore Users and others). I didn't touch C64s again until my first encounter with C64 emulators in 1995, determined to give something back I started a C64 website which indexed the C64 games available on the internet at that time and linked to that I got to see GameBase first as Beta Tester No. 1. I came across MAME at that time and being rather stupid decided to double my workload and start to maintain the MAME cheat file ( what was I thinking when I later agreed to join the GB64 team! Now can somebody please saw my hands off before I volunteer for something else!

Mat Allen (a.k.a. Mayhem)
Game/Info Collector

Parents dropped a C64 in front of me in early 1984, no doubt to shut me up after the vicious and unannounced sale of our Atari 2600. Probably a bad move on their part, and a great move for me. And ever since, it's taken me in completely new directions: freelance reviewing for Oracle, retro articles, archiving, cracking docs and now this website. Most folks out there know me as the dude with the cartridges, but there's a lot more to my collection than just circuit boards now. Anything and everything is pretty much fair game on the buying circuit, and in the course of time, gets donated to this fine project. So let's get this show on the road!

Matt Larsen
Game/Info Collector (C64 Mag specialist)

I have been the magazine specialist for quite a few years. My attic boasts an entire collection of Compute!'s Gazette, Ahoy!, RUN!, Commodore Magazine, and Compute! (from early 1982 onward). Anyway during my early GB64 years I was obsessed with making sure EVERY game from most of these magazines was properly archived. (Thanks Jeff for all the help typing these out). I was so compulsive about this that some of my magazine collections I would go through each issue at least 3 times! The last couple of years my efforts have lightened, and I mostly focus on converting/locating missing originals (Thanks for all the help Markus!), in addition to collecting database info. The only BIG C64 dreams I have remaining are to convert Realms of Darkness images (I have mint originals), and to find an original of California Games II. I will always continue the endless hunt for missing games!

Michael Härtig
Game/Info Collector

Born in the eastern part of germany, I had no chance to own a C64 before 1990. But then.... bought one, got all the games, played day and night, and then: I wrote my own games (see database :) ). Today at work I write software for modern PC's but at home a C64, a Plus4, 2 Amigas, 2 GDR-computers (KC85/4 and KC87) and some good old consoles are waiting for playing a game.

Michael Plate (a.k.a. Desperado)
Database Project Leader, Creator and Maintainer of the Games Collection

On the 13th of May 1998, ten years after temporarily leaving the C64 scene, I started the quest to build the ultimate C64 games collection ever. I was really obsessed with this idea and decided to use Gamebase64 to keep track of my collection. Over the years I annoyed James MANY times to modify his frontend to fulfill 'my' needs - the intermediate result can now be found on this webpage. Thanks to all the people who helped me over the past few years and special ones go to Kovács Balázs (SC), Per Håkan Sundell (CCS64) & Pasi Ojala (PuCrunch) for providing me with the right tools to ease my 'job'. Anything else? Hmmmm, let me think... oh yeah, I love kidding people, playing table tennis and badminton and am a movie and music nerd. BTW: That nice picture to the right (grrr) was created by James. At the time the team started to call me Borg because I was assimilating so many games into the collection! Guys, I hate you!!

Nathan Butcher (aka Neo-Rio)
Game/Info Collector (C64 type-in fanatic)

My first experience with computers was when I was 5 and I woke up one morning to find my father using a new ZX81 he got in the lounge room. Since the tape drive never worked on it, I typed in programs from scratch every time I wanted to use the thing. Since then I was hooked on computers and programming. Much later on my parents got me a C64, and that was the best thing they could have given me. That got me into a whole new world of programming, games, and swapping between school friends. Ever since then I've STILL been typing game listings into the machine and locating hard-to-get programs for this digital preservation research project!

Oliver Stadler (a.k.a. VIV)
Game/Info Collector

James forced me to write down some words for this section, otherwise he threatened me that he would write some really nasty stuff, so heres my text ;-) My first computer was an Apple][e, one of the best computers ever made. Then I got a C64 and was fully absorbed into the wonderful world of gaming. After some while I became serious (a bit at least) and got a PC and started programming in Dbase and Clipper. Currently I´m working on some pet-clinic related programming-projects and I´m using Delphi for that purpose (I hate C,C++,C#....). Now that we are going to release our long-lasting project to the public I feel really happy, because I think we managed to preserve an important part of the homecomputer-history. In real-life I´m a veterinarian and currently working on my thesis in Munich, Germany. I´m specialising in canine and feline oncology, especially chemotherapy.

Oliver VieBrooks (a.k.a. Six)
General help-where-I-can

From the US. On the C64 from 1984, there has been a C64 on my desk ever since. Dunno what else about me would be appropriate to put on the site. I started out on the Apple II and learned just enough to crack simple copy protection so I could sell disks at school to support my computing habit and then spent the 80s in the US H/P/A scene.
Probably have the 2nd or 3rd largest collection in the US - not that my mountains of mouldering 1541s are anything to brag about.
I never left the scene, just watched it contract, then expand, then contract, then expand again.

Steven Feurer
GB64 Web developer

Born 1970 in the Bronx, New York - now living in southern germany. I started computing about 1982 (after gaming a few years on a Atari VCS 2600). Since then active in the C64/AMIGA scene. I've been member of a few scene groups these days. Nowadays i'm still member of the C64-Allstars and TRSi (Tristar & Red Sector Inc.) and still am collecting commodore computers :-) Found out about the gamebase a few years ago and loved the idea to preserve the games we loved and still play for upcoming generations. My hobbies are (next to computers, which are also my job) music (mostly 60s/70s rock & 80s metal, but open for most other styles), history (ancient and medieval history in particular), archaeology (esp. egyptology) and (liberal) politics. And yes, i still have that Teddy, he's now sitting on my old PET computer :-) ©1997-2022 The GB64 Team