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Preservation before Deterioration!Welcome to the GameBase64 site, formed by a team of C64 enthusiasts from all over the world who wish to preserve the memory of their beloved 8-bit computer for the generations to come.

We do this by trying to preserve all game software written for the Commodore 64 computer before the deterioration of old 5 ΒΌ disks and common cassette tapes erases them for ever. It is a race against time in order to collect and archive the games themselves, as well as catalogue information on their creators and programmers. So far we have successfully compiled a list of over 15000 entries, complete with screenshots and all information available at hand. For anything we are still missing, we are relying on you, the former Commodore 64 software user, to help us by supplying any bits of new info you might have knowledge of. Any information collected will be freely distributable to all in irregular updates offered for download at this very site.

Our Points/Awards system

By registering in the forum, you'll automatically have joined up with our Points/Awards system. In this system, points will be awarded to you when you do certain things. The more points you get, the better the award you'll receive! We will be keeping a list of the current Top 10 points earners on our homepage too!

Point Distribution

Posting to the forum  
Correcting or submitting information for a game
(language, genre, no. of players, ...)
Correcting or submitting credits for a game
(publisher, year, programmer or musician)
Submitting a new game
(not yet, we have enough in our queues!!)
Submitting a better version of an existing game
(not yet, we have enough in our queues!!)
Proving a game is bugged  
Supplying a web-link to on their website  
Submitting a fixed version of a game listed as bugged  
Submitting a game listed as missing  
Donating an original game*  
Donating money to the GB64 project**  
[* Points will be gained for the first ten games only, allowing a maximum of 500 points]

[** Donation points are distributed only once. Donated money will be put towards web-hosting costs and buying C64 gameware to expand the collection.]

The GB64 Awards

Once you have registered, you start off with, of course, no points. Once you have reached the first point on the awards scale, you will be awarded with an icon which will sit within your profile and be visible to other members on your posts to the forum.

For those starting to move up the GB64 ranks...
Bronze Rosette, Standard Member, 50-99 pointsAdvances to...Silver Rosette, Cool Member, 100-149 pointsAdvances to...Gold Rosette, Ice Cool Member, 200-499 points
Keen Member
50-199 points
 Cool Member
200-599 points
 Ice Cool Member
600-999 points

Awarded to those who are dedicated to the advancement and accuracy of GB64...
Bronze Cup, Commended Member, 500-699 pointsAdvances to...Silver Cup, Higly Commended Member, 700-899 pointsAdvances to...Gold Cup, Respected Member, 900-999 points
Commended Member
1000-1399 points
Commended Member

1400-1799 points
 Respected Member
1800-2199 points

Only for those who have shown steady commitment to the cause...
Bronze Trophy, Honoured Member, 1000-1299 pointsAdvances to...Silver Trophy, Outstanding Member, 1300-1499 pointsAdvances to...Gold Trophy, Elite Member, 1500+ points
Honoured Member
2200-2599 points
 Outstanding Member
2600-2999 points
 Elite Member
3000+ points

Please enjoy the site! We hope you visit again! :) ©1997-2022 The GB64 Team