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The GameBase Frontend 

  Access the GB64 Collection on your own computer!
GameBase is what's known by the emulation community as an "Emulator Frontend". It is basically a program that makes running games on various emulators very easy, so that you don't have to remember lots of command line parameters and config settings. GameBase is also the Official Frontend for the GB64 Collection of C64 games! Once you've downloaded the GB64 database and screenshots, you can use GameBase to view all the games, listen to SID music and even launch games themselves in various C64 emulators.


Supports virtually any emulator!
GameBase isn't just suited to C64 games and emulators. Indeed you could create your own databases for as many emulation systems you like! GameBase supports virtually any emulator, past, present and future, by using a simple scripting language called GEMUS (Gamebase EMUlator Script). Most emulators will use the default script supplied by GameBase, so you will rarely need to bother with writing scripts at all!

Manages Games, Music, Docs, Screenshots, and more!
Each game in a GameBase database can store more than just a game or rom file. It can also store a music file, game docs, screenshots, and really any other files you wish (these are referred to in GameBase as Extras). For example, in the GB64 database, each game-entry in the database stores not just the game file, but also a SID-music file. You can add such extras as game docs, a magazine review, a cover scan, an mp3 remix, a link to a web site... the list goes on. All these Extras are conveniently accessible in GameBase via a simple drop-down menu directly under a game's screenshot.

Store multiple versions of games!
With the Extras feature described above, it's possible to store multiple game-files or roms per game. These extra game-files can also use GEMUS to run them! This is perfect, for example, if you want to store a disk-file for a game, but also store the tape original.

Import from RomCenter/TOSEC datafiles!
If you do not want to create your own databases, you can import the data from any RomCenter v2.00 datafile into a GameBase database. If the RomCenter datafile is TOSEC (TNCv1) compliant, GameBase will extract the extra data from the filename (such as Publisher, Cracker etc) and fill in the appropriate GameBase database fields! GameBase performs a CRC32/Filesize rom scan and updates your database accordingly.

Extensive Database Search Engine!
Various fields in a GameBase database hold information on the games, such as Publisher, Year Published, Musician, Programmer, Genre, Number of players, Cracker, Number of trainers etc.. If you want to change one of these fields to mean something different you can (simply by changing it's title in an ini file). An extensive database search and filtering engine is included in GameBase, meaning you can create your own permanent or temporary "Custom Views" to show, for example, all games by Namco, all available games, all games programmed by Jeff Minter, all Platformers, all Breakout clones or all games for 3 or more players!

Link games to their Precursors and Sequels!
When viewing a game, simply clicking on a small icon next to the game name will instantly jump you to that game's precursor, sequel or a related game of your choice!

View multiple images/screenshots per game!
GameBase has the ability to show multiple pictures or screenshots per game. This comes in handy for MAME style setups where it's possible to view the snapshot, flyer, marquee and cabinet pics all at the same time! The GameBase Picture engine comes with a scroll function to scroll through all available pictures, and a zoom feature to see the images up close.

Multi-language support!
Via a simple ini file, you can change all the text within the GameBase interface to say whatever you like, in whatever language you like! If you don't like the default keyboard shortcuts you can change these in the ini file too!

Completely customisable interface!
As well as changing all the text in the program, you can also customise the look and feel of the interface to your hearts content! Virtually all the images and sounds used in GameBase can be substituted for your own, you can hide the screenshots, hide the game details, resize the window, change the game-list font and colours, and even create your own splash screens for the databases you create!

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