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The C64 Game QuickLaunch Utility
Quick64! is a Windows Shell-Extension utility for Commodore 64 games. With it, you can run your C64 games quickly and easily in the emulator of your choice.

Multiple Modes of Use
Quick64! can be used in a variety of ways: You can either double-click a C64 game-file in Windows Explorer, right-click it and select whether to play it in your favourite emulator or view the game-file's contents from the Windows context-menu, or drag a C64 game into Quick64!'s Viewport to see it's contents.

Remembers Images within Game-Files
If you have a game on a D64 or T64 file that contains multiple images (game, docs, loading-pic, intro etc.) Quick64! will first ask you which image to load into the emulator, and from then on it will always load that image without prompting you again (you can change the image later, by simply viewing the D64's contents and picking another image).

Supported Emulators
Currently, Quick64! supports the following emulators: -
CCS64, VICE, WinVICE, C64S, Win64, PC64, Come Back 64, and Frodo.

You can select a default emulator in Quick64!, which is used when you select "Play" from the Windows Context menu to run a game from Explorer, but you can also open the game in Quick64!'s viewer and right-click the "Play Game" button to select a different emulator to run the game with.

Supported C64 Game-Files
Quick64! supports C64 games in the following format: -
D64, T64, PRG, P00, LNX, ZIP, LHA/LZH, GZ, Zipcoded (1!2!3!4!).

Quick64!'s archive extraction routine is recursive, so it can cope with games packed in multiple formats.

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